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Fuz's Sounds

Join the fun with Fuz's Sounds, a delightful game in the Mini Beat Power Rockers category. This game lets you explore your musical creativity alongside your favorite Power Rockers characters.

How to Play

  1. Select Your Scene:

    • Choose a setting with unique sounds and visuals.
  2. Interact with Fuz:

    • Learn to use various instruments and sound effects with Fuz’s guidance.
  3. Create Music:

    • Tap on instruments like drums, keyboards, and guitars to create melodies.
    • Combine sounds to make your unique musical piece.
  4. Record and Share:

    • Record your melody to share or replay.
    • Listen to pre-recorded songs for inspiration.
  5. Unlock Instruments:

    • Progress to unlock new instruments and sound effects.


  • Interactive musical experience with various instruments.
  • Beloved Mini Beat Power Rockers characters.
  • Creative freedom to experiment with sounds.
  • Unlockable content for fresh gameplay.

Tips and Tricks

  • Experiment with different sounds and instruments.
  • Use pre-recorded songs for inspiration.
  • Keep playing to unlock more musical tools.


Use the mouse and Keyboard.

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