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Prince Heardle


Prince Heardle is an exciting online music-based guessing game that revolves around the iconic songs of the late artist Prince. Through brief audio introductions, players are tasked with recognizing and categorizing Prince songs. Listen carefully to the music snippet and choose the correct song title from a list of alternatives. Are you ready to put your Prince knowledge to the test? Enlist now with Prince Heardle!

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  1. Clear and Appealing Rules: Prince Heardle features straightforward and engaging rules that make gameplay accessible to all players.

  2. Helpful Hint Feature: To assist players in their quest, Prince Heardle offers a hint feature that provides valuable clues when needed.

  3. Simple Visuals: The game's simple visuals are designed to work seamlessly on any interface, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience for all.


Players can participate in the challenge by using the mouse to navigate and follow on-screen instructions. To achieve the highest score, aim to utilize the fewest song predictions possible. Good fortune awaits you in Prince Heardle!

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