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Chainsaw Dance

Chainsaw Dance is an exhilarating rhythm game that puts players in the boots of a fearless lumberjack, wielding a mighty chainsaw as they groove their way through the forest. With its unique blend of rhythm-based gameplay, vibrant visuals, and infectious beats, Chainsaw Dance offers an adrenaline-fueled adventure like no other.

Chainsaw Dance Overview

In Chainsaw Dance, players take on the role of a skilled lumberjack tasked with chopping down trees to the beat of the music. As they navigate through dense forests and treacherous terrain, they must time their chainsaw swings to the rhythm of catchy tunes, avoiding obstacles and mastering complex patterns to achieve lumberjack greatness. With its fast-paced gameplay and charming pixel art aesthetic, Chainsaw Dance is sure to keep players tapping their toes and revving their chainsaws for hours on end.


  1. Chainsaw Rhythm Action: Swing your chainsaw to the beat of the music as you chop down trees and clear obstacles in your path. Time your swings perfectly to achieve maximum points and unlock new levels.
  2. Dynamic Environments: Explore a variety of lush forests, dense jungles, and mystical woodlands as you journey through the game. Each environment offers its own unique challenges and surprises, keeping players on their toes with every swing of the chainsaw.

  3. Catchy Soundtrack: Groove to an eclectic soundtrack featuring a mix of upbeat tunes and atmospheric melodies. From funky basslines to driving percussion, the music of Chainsaw Dance will keep players pumped up and ready for action.

  4. Unlockable Characters and Costumes: Customize your lumberjack with a variety of unlockable characters and costumes, each with their own unique abilities and style. From bearded lumberjacks to plaid-clad hipsters, there's a character to suit every player's taste.

  5. Chainsaw Upgrades: Upgrade your chainsaw with powerful enhancements and modifications to increase its cutting power and efficiency. From razor-sharp blades to turbo-charged engines, the possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your lumberjack's trusty tool.

How to Play

  1. Choose Your Lumberjack: Select your preferred lumberjack character from the roster of colorful personalities available in the game.

  2. Start Chopping: Swing your chainsaw to the rhythm of the music by pressing the corresponding buttons or tapping the screen in time with the beat.

  3. Clear Obstacles: Navigate through the forest, avoiding obstacles such as falling branches, roaming wildlife, and pesky tree stumps. Keep your chainsaw swinging and your reflexes sharp to stay ahead of the game.

  4. Master the Patterns: Pay close attention to the rhythm patterns and timing of each level, adjusting your chainsaw swings accordingly to achieve maximum points and bonuses.

  5. Progress Through Levels: Complete each level by chopping down trees and clearing obstacles within the allotted time. Earn high scores to unlock new levels, characters, and customization options as you advance through the game.

Chainsaw Dance offers a unique and exhilarating rhythm gaming experience that combines the thrill of lumberjack action with the infectious beats of a catchy soundtrack. With its charming pixel art graphics, dynamic environments, and addictive gameplay, Chainsaw Dance is sure to keep players entertained and engaged as they embark on a rhythmic journey through the forest. So grab your chainsaw, crank up the music, and get ready to dance your way to lumberjack glory in Chainsaw Dance!

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