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Coffin Dancer

Coffin Dancer: The Memorable Catch 'em Game

Embark on a thrilling adventure with Coffin Dancer, the ultimate catch 'em game that blends infectious beats with captivating gameplay. Version 1.2, launched on April 28, 2020, brings enhanced features, fresh challenges, and endless excitement. Let's delve into the action-packed world of Coffin Dancer!


In Coffin Dancer, players embody the iconic coffin dancer, maneuvering through diverse levels filled with unsuspecting individuals. The objective? Capture as many people as possible and guide them to the awaiting coffin, all while grooving to the irresistible rhythm of the meme-worthy soundtrack.

The gameplay mechanics are straightforward yet addictive: employ intuitive controls to navigate left and right, strategically intercepting unsuspecting individuals as they emerge on the screen. With each successful capture, players earn points and unlock increasingly challenging levels.

Features and Highlights:

Coffin Dancer version 1.2 offers a plethora of exciting features:

  • Enhanced Visuals: Immerse yourself in the Coffin Dancer universe with updated graphics and animations that breathe life into the meme. From vibrant backgrounds to intricately designed characters, every detail has been meticulously crafted.

  • Fresh Challenges: Test your coffin-catching prowess with new obstacles introduced in version 1.2. Whether dodging obstacles or navigating crowded streets, each level presents a unique test of skill and reflexes.

  • Multiplayer Mode: Compete against friends and family in multiplayer mode, vying to become the ultimate coffin dancer champion. Who can capture the most people and claim victory?

  • Global Leaderboards: Ascend the ranks and compete for the top spot on the global leaderboards. With online leaderboard support, measure your coffin-catching skills against players worldwide.


Using mouse.

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